Thursday, July 5, 2012

Reading Comprenhension

    Around 1515 hours on 27 November 2008 James Davis, aged 38years was driving a USAid vehicle with registration number 1263GH along the road from Airport to Dili.  There was one passenger in the vehicle, Michael Young, an American national aged 42years who was also employed by USAid. 
    The vehicle was approximately 300 meters from the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp when it collided with a motorcycle rider who pulled from the left side of the road without first checking for traffic.  The motorcycle rider Joseph Brown, aged 32 years sustained some minor bruising and scratches to his left hand and arm.
Michael Young wanted to drive Joseph to the local hospital for treatment however a crowd of angry locals totaling approximately 15 had formed around the accident scene and were yelling and pushing at Michael.  Someone from the crowd hit Michael with a large stick and several males threw large rocks at him hitting him in the face and arms.  The blow from the stick hit Michael on the right side of his head causing a large cut above his eye.  He removed his white shirt and wrapped it around his head to stop the flow of blood.  While this was occurring, the driver James Davis ran into the IDP camp to seek assistance.
Around 1530 hours a patrol from Airport Police Station arrived at the scene.  The patrol consisted of 2 UNPOL’s and 1 local police officer.  The UNPOL in charge was the OIC of Airport Station, a New Zealand UNPOL by the name of Daniel Lee.  UNPOL Lee approached Michael Young and inspected his wound.  He saw that the cut above his eye was about 7 centimeters long and was very deep.  In order to stop the angry crowd attacking again, UNPOL Lee placed Michael in his patrol vehicle and called for the assistance of another patrol.  UNPOL Lee then drove into the IDP camp with the local police officer in order to locate the driver of the vehicle.
A short time later a Dili Traffic Unit attended the scene and took over the investigation.  They identified an eyewitness by the name of Christopher Adam who stated that he knew the male who struck Michael in the head.  He said the male operated a shop inside the IDP camp and was wearing a red t-shirt with ‘Coca-Cola’ written on the front in large white letters.
This description was relayed to the National Operations Center by the Traffic unit.  UNPOL Lee heard the message and subsequently walked towards the shop inside the camp.  As he did so, he noticed a male about 19 years old, wearing black shorts and a red ‘Coca-Cola’ t-shirt walking towards the shop carrying a large stick.  He approached the male who identified himself as Anthony Smith.  Smith admitted that he struck the American on the head because it was his vehicle that caused the accident with his brother, Joseph.
Members from the Traffic Unit took Smith to Dili Police Station to continue with enquiries.  The large stick, which had blood on one end was taken and placed in the evidence room.  The USAid vehicle, a white Toyota Prado was driven to Dili Station by a member from the Traffic Unit.  The vehicle had sustained minor damage to the front bumper and left front door.  The motorcycle had major damage and was not repairable. 
Michael Young was conveyed by ambulance to Dili hospital where he received 15 stitches to the cut on his head.  He was kept in hospital overnight for observation.
Enquiries in relation to this matter are continuing.
Q1.      What injuries did Michael Young sustain?

Q2.      What injuries did the motorcycle rider receive?
Q3.      Approximately how many people were in the crowd that formed at the accident scene?

Q4.      Why did the suspect hit Michael Young?

Q5.      What was the name and age of the driver of the Prado?

Q6.      How many nights did Michael Young spend in hospital?

Q7.      What was the description of the suspect?

Q8.      Where did UNPOL Daniel Lee work and what was his position/title?

Q9.      What item was placed in the evidence room?

Q10.    Where did the accident occur?

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